CEO Advisory Services

Every CEO has a blind spot when it comes to decisions about growth and many rely on experienced trusted advisors to act as sounding boards and on occasion to take on special projects. In addition to developing a methodology and process for effecting change, emerging businesses discover that their current cultures are shaken and that a different culture, not always welcome, is required to support their vision for growth.

Most company boards are initially comprised of family and friends or close colleagues who may or may not be qualified to hold a board seat. Selecting the right board members requires skilled and insightful evaluation by the CEO. Without it, the successful transition of the business is at risk. Setting up an advisory board prior to selecting the board of directors can be a very useful mechanism for keeping the growth process on track and for reducing risk. Advisory boards that, unlike boards, do not have to act as a unified body but more as a confederation of trusted individuals, are less constrained than boards. This means that they can have significantly more latitude in their suggestions and more diverse expertise in leading special transition projects and processes relating to research, competitive analysis, mergers, acquisitions and capitalization.

Performance Board Group is a strategic consultancy dedicated to enabling executives to execute on corporate development initiatives. Our services are designed to help companies through all stages of their lifecycle as they prepare for a future M&A transaction, assess the merits of potential growth or liquidity strategies, or execute on corporate development projects.

M&A and Capital Raise Strategic Planning

M&A Strategic Planning: Helping make your company’s future M&A or capital raise event a success

Buy-Side M&A Planning:

A carefully crafted M&A strategy is a critical ingredient to the M&A process being an ultimate success. Taking a proactive vs. reactive approach on the front end reaps benefits throughout the execution and integration process. We work side by side with business owners and executive teams to create a roadmap for pursuing acquisitions that best aligns with corporate growth initiatives and future exit plans. Whether companies then choose to hire an investment banking advisor or independently execute their own M&A transaction, Performance Board Group helps companies incorporate their M&A strategy into their overall corporate growth plan.

Preparing Today for a Future Capital Raise or M&A Exit Event:

We help you achieve the best outcome when raising capital or selling a company well in advance of starting that process.

There are numerous operational, financial and market factors that converge to drive value. For example, decisions made today regarding such things as revenue, cost structure, capital structure, contract terms, market expansion, IP protection, and competitive positioning all may play a role in the future assessment of a business by a prospective acquirer. We work with clients to help them assess various aspects of their business today with an eye on strengthening the business and improving the likelihood of a successful M&A event in the future. In addition, we assist our clients in creating the appropriate messaging and materials that effectively convey the organization’s value proposition.

Performance Board Group works with clients before they formally begins the process to raise additional capital from outside investors or initiate an M&A sale process in order to ensure future success. And when the time comes that you chose to execute on your financing or M&A strategy, we can help you select an appropriate banking advisor to execute the transaction.

Strategic Alternatives Assessments

Strategic Alternatives Assessments – Assessing the various options facing your company

Business owners and CEOs are continuously facing a range of strategic alternatives that will impact the growth trajectory of their company. Options such as evaluating when to raise capital, supplementing organic growth via acquisitions, or pursuing partnership opportunities will have a significant impact on the business. However these decisions compete for mindshare with the daily operational issues executives face today, resulting in reactive decisions made without a thorough assessment of how these decisions align with your corporate objectives.

We help to create a framework to evaluate these options in near real-time so that you can assess the potential impact of each alternative and its alignment with your core objectives to improve decision making. We offer a collaborative approach and provide unbiased feedback and insight to further your ability to identify your options and determine the best path for your company.

Corporate and Strategic Development Initiatives

Performance Board Group provides consulting and outsourced corporate development services that further our clients’ ability to execute on growth and liquidy plans.

Examples of these engagements include:

  • Interim corporate and strategic development roles
  • Corporate positioning materials and pitch deck creation and reviews
  • Business plan creation, reviews and assessments
  • M&A strategy assessments
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